About Us | Chichester District Access Group

About Us

The Chichester District Access Group is a Registered Charity in England & Wales (No. 1149183), and a Company Limited by Guarantee in England & Wales (No. 08133692)

Why Chichester District Access Group?



The Chichester Access Group (CAG) was formed in 2006, following discussions with Chichester District Council, to provide an advisory voice with regard to accessibility in the built environment in the Chichester District.  The Group has a maximum membership of twelve people with a wide range of disabilities and life experiences qualifying them to promote "Access for All".

Supporting the Chichster District, among us are Members of the Centre for Accessible Environments, the leading authority on inclusive design, who offer guidance on accessibility issues and can carry out access assessments.  CDAG monitors and comments on Planning Applications submitted to the Planning Authorities of Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park, so we are conversant with the restrictions of working within the built environment.

Our Aims

To be an experienced voice in relation to access for disabled people to the built environment and to services within Chichester District by:

  • Providing advice and information about access for disabled people;

  • Acting as a consultative body for organisations and businesses;

  • Promoting good practice and raising awareness, and;

  • Undertaking projects relevant to its stated purpose and aims.




In carrying out its objectives, the group shall promote equality of opportunity for all sections of the community.